Adults and children can learn a new language!

Your Language Connection offers a variety of specialized language services for adults, children, and individuals in business in over 50 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, French, and American Sign Language (ASL):



Your Language Connection works with individuals, organizations, and businesses, such as St. Leo the Great School in Lancaster, PA to meet your language needs through programs specifically for you.

What is the difference between traditional foreign language classes and conversational language classes?


Traditional classes have an agenda that usually leads to an exam. There are usually credits involved and the expectation is that the participants will continue on to the next level. It is the burden of the teacher to get through a book, so the participants are ready for the next level book. Many times this class has more written assignments than oral activities. When there are oral activities they are pre-written dialogues that are usually related to school activities.

Conversational classes focus on conversational skills. The agenda includes skills and vocabulary which the participants use to form the questions and answers they need for a basic conversation. There are more opportunities to practice orally what is learned. Participants are expected and supported, to write their own dialogues that are related to their life situations. Our conversational classes save time and money because the participants can start using what they learn right away!


Why is Your Language Connection the best choice for conversational language classes in Lancaster County, PA?


We save you time and money because you can use what you learn immediately. We provide the classes at convenient times and locations. Because of the small class sizes, we can target vocabulary to meet the needs of the participants in the class. Michelle Salinas, owner and curriculum designer, has many years experience in teaching languages and has been very successful with children and adults. Michelle has traveled extensively to many Spanish speaking countries to experience the varied cultures, and incorporates what she’s learned into the curriculum. Your Language Connection is dedicated to providing quality instruction and excellent customer service.



Allow Your Language Connection to be your guide as you endeavor to learn a new language.