Your Language Connection Interpreter & Teacher

Get to know one of our Spanish interpreters/teachers, Felixa!


I am Felixa Valladares de Kunkle. I am from Honduras. I grew up in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, which is surrounded by mountains; but I was born on the northern coast of the country. I graduated as a bilingual executive secretary in Honduras, where I worked for close to 5 years. I left my home country to do volunteer work in Germany and Bolivia and eventually came to Millersville through a Christian organization called Eastern Mennonite Missions. I have been in Lancaster city since 2002 serving as a secretary. That year I met my husband, whom I married in 2005. I received an Associate degree in Human Services and Public Welfare from HACC and I worked a couple of years after that until I had my son in 2011. My passion was to help non-English speaking people learn the language so they can reach their potential and achieve a better standard of living in this country.
I started to work as an interpreter the year I did my internship at McCaskey. I served as a kind of counselor to the youth and also translated whenever was necessary. Next, I worked as an interpreter for Parents Academy. I am working as well with another agency that does interpretations in the medical field. I love this type of job because I learn new things from different areas of interpretation and I meet new people and learn about their cultures. I also have the flexibility to be at home when my son comes from school.
I speak Spanish, English, and German. I love languages, cultures, and meeting new people. It is so rich to get to know them. My family and I traveled every other year to Europe to visit friends and also to take a group of students on an exchange high school program in Germany. We take them to different countries every time, such as France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. In my free time, I love to travel, crochet, do photography, paint in watercolor and bake.

– Felixa Valladares de Kunkle –